can I just say: tumblr SUCKS!

Ok, so here I am back from the blogging dead, for my periodic opinion “resurrection”.

A comment was left recently on my “about” page by a poster under the moniker “auntyorthodox”.

Aunty has a blog on tumblr which, until she commented here, I’d never seen and knew nothing about. However, since it was brought to my attention, I’ve perused it and it’s contents from time to time (as I do many sites and blogs on the rare occasions these days when time permits me).

Some of it seems ok to me, most of it seems focused on “trans” activism VS radical feminism pretty much “politically” themed and in all honesty, that kind of reading is really not my cup of tea, nor is most of the subject base really relevant to me personally (nor to most of the heterosexual women of the world for that matter), so I’ve not taken a huge interest to be honest.

BUT! (there’s always a but)

I did read something in one of her recent posts that had me rather intrigued in seeking enlightenment.

See Aunty, in her comment here, attempted to relate her experiences to my own, she apparently transitioned younger than me and is now quite “experienced” in life as a woman (I gather the implication was that she was deserving of my respect, can’t say for certain, but even if it was, my respect is earned over time, not simply granted on demand, that’s how men treat women, they demand things of us, not how women treat women, in my experience anyway)

Anywho! so as she seemingly implied we’re “the same” and as such one should be able to assume we could relate to each others perspectives and opinions I became intrigued when I read one of hers and could not for the life of me understand her point.

I tried to ask her on tumblr, however that stupid site will only allow so many characters in the only place provided for me to address her, as such I’ve brought things here and will link her page and hope she finds me in order to help me grasp what she meant.

here’s the link.

and the quote in question: “There is a very interesting parallel between late transitioners and early transitioners compared with trans women and FAAB women overall. FAAB women deal with issues that no trans woman can directly relate to. Even FAAB women who fully accept trans women into their circles understand what I’m talking about and sometimes want private, safe space with other FAAB women to talk about those issues. They don’t like trans women’s issues dominating their reality.”

FAAB women deal with issues that no “trans” woman can directly relate to, and as such need their own spaces away from transsexual born females (IE: what I am, and so I gather what is implied by Aunty when she refers to “trans” women?)

My question is, what issues are so exclusive to ALL female assigned at birth women, that also exclude ALL transsexual born females?

many FAAB women face exactly the same issues that transsexual born females face THESE WOMEN for example, are assigned female at birth, would they need to be excluded as “trans” women need to be?

A woman is a damn woman! we all have unique and varied issues, none of us fit some pre-determined ideal of born “perfection” if you are a woman, then you face 99.9% of the same issues every other woman faces.

women DON’T have penises! there is no such thing as a “Trans”-woman only MALE transvestites and transitioning transsexuals and only ONE of those two categories is a woman in the making.

It’s not that “FAAB” women don’t like trans-women’s issues dominating their reality at all! it’s that women don’t like MEN’S issues dominating OUR reality.

No transsexual born female would ever spout off to other women about issues she has due to being born with a penis, our difference is NOT one we like to draw others attention to, it’s something we HATE about ourselves. If a “trans” issue is raised among natal females/women, it is raised by a MAN trying to change what it IS and what it MEANS to be female, trying to retain the benefits he earned by virtue of having a penis



4 thoughts on “can I just say: tumblr SUCKS!

  1. Angel says:

    One meets so many interesting people online.

    Hope you’re doing well, Renee. 🙂

    • orthodoxtranssexual says:

      Hi Angel, let me ask you, do you believe I’m wrong with what I’ve written?

      Might a better conclusion have been:

      “women do not have penises, and if they do they STFU about it?”

      I’d respect and appreciate your thoughts!

      I hope you’re well also!

    • Angel says:

      I generally view people as individuals, and I try not to get too hung up on definitions. That being said, I do think that those who identify as/are regarded as/want to be women but have (or had) a penis would do well to just STFU about it. After all, what is there to be gained by presenting oneself as a woman, trying to be accepted as a woman, and then announcing “I’m different”?

      • orthodoxtranssexual says:

        I’m glad when I find the few people who (it appears) are on a similar page.

        I hope you and your partner are well

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